List pull requests

Each returned pull request will include the pull request base and head commits. Pagination applied.

GET /api/gh/:owner/:repo/pulls


stateFilter the list of pulls returned based on the pull request state determined by the service provider.
Choose: all, open, closed, merged. Default: open
sortSort the query results.
Choose: pullid, impact, updatestamp. Default: pullid
orderSpecify the sorting order.
Choose: desc, asc. Default: desc


  "pulls": [
      "pullid": 1915,
      "author": "<author obj>",
      "title": "pull request title",
      "updatestamp": "2016-08-19 14:38:26.970575+00:00",
      "state": "open",
      "diff": "<totals obj>",
      "totals": {
        "base": "<totals obj>",
        "head": "<totals obj>"
      "head": {
        "message": "tip of pull request commit message",
        "totals": "<totals obj>",
        "ci_passed": true,
        "timestamp": "2016-08-19 14:26:02",
        "commitid": "df150e4be50ae09263107c3ea43d1a35f055bb71",
        "author": "<author obj>"
      "base": {
        "message": "pull request base commit message",
        "totals": "<totals obj>",
        "ci_passed": true,
        "timestamp": "2016-08-17 22:22:32",
        "commitid": "010e063270be37cfa8547ccfb9717e5d874c88a8",
        "author": "<author obj>"

Get a single pull request

GET /api/gh/:owner/:repo/pull/1