Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.11

v4.4.11 Changelog


  • (Enterprise Only) Added the ability to enable flag totals on the compare page via a UI setting (see Flag Total Viewing below)


  • Previously when filtering by flags in the file browser, the line hit count totals would not update to reflect the selected flag(s). That is now fixed and the line hit counter will update dynamically based on selected flags and sessions.
  • Updated the CSP to support more GitLab CDN endpoints, fixing instances where gitlab avatar images would not properly load in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur during some GitHub Marketplace cancellation flows.


  • Removes an extemporaneous log message around pending statuses in the repo yaml.
  • Adds additional logging to owner deletion tasks
  • Updated dependencies for exception based reporting
  • Removed the ability to download charts on the repo overview page as this functionality was error prone and, based on our own data and observation, very rarely used.
  • (Enterprise Only) Removed a broken, and unnecessary, login button in the navbar.

Flag Total Viewing

It is now possible to view flag totals on a per repo basis by enabling the feature in a repository's codecov.yml file:

    hide_flag_totals: false

By default, hide_flag_totals is true, disabling the feature. Setting this value to false in the codecov.yml will result in output like the following on the Compare page:


Instead of the generic disabled flags warning normally shown on this page, flag totals will be seen in their own cards below the Coverage Reach graph.