Changelog update -- v23.xx.x and later

There are some major changes in the second half of 2023 and beyond that will affect how we communicate about new versions and features in Codecov Self-hosted.

Release notes for Codecov v5.0.1


[Major] Release Notes for Codecov v5.0


Codecov v5 is a Major Upgrade

Codecov v5 brings many new features and functionality to Codecov. It is recommended to test v5 in a staging / pre-production environment before updating a working v4.6.X installation.

Upgrading to v5 requires some infrastructure changes, we recommend reviewing our upgrade guide (link TBD)

Release notes for Codecov v4.6.6

New Features

Release notes for Codecov v4.6.5

v4.6.5 Full Changelog

Release notes for Codecov v4.6.4

New Features

[Skip version] Release notes for Codecov v4.6.3


Skipping this version recommended

If you are uploading from version v4.6.2 or earlier, due to a potential error in database in migrations for certain users, we recommend skipping upgrade directly to v4.6.4 or later

All features included in v4.6.3 have rolled forward into later versions.

Release notes for Codecov v4.6.2

New Features

Release notes for Codecov v4.6.1


[Self-hosted Only] Ensure You have Upgraded to Codecov v4.6.0 Before Using v4.6.1

Starting with Codecov v4.6.0, new infrastructure is required to successfully run Codecov Self-Hosted. Please refer to the v4.6.0 changelog for more information.

Release notes for Codecov v4.6.0


Upgrading from an Earlier Version of Codecov?

Upgrading to 4.6.x requires adding a new container into your Codecov Self-Hosted infrastructure. See the Infrastructure section below for more information.