Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.13

v4.4.13 Changelog

(Note: This will be the last v4.4.x release to include significant changes, fixes, and improvements. Codecov v4.5.0 will be releasing in the near future. More information on that release is forthcoming. v4.4.13 will be supported with critical bug fixes and security patches only. Support for any version up to and including v4.4.13 will end on Nov 1, 2019.)


  • Updates codecov bash to support
  • [Github] Increases buffer to 60 minutes for tokenless uploading via GitHub Actions in order to support longer running GitHub Actions pipelines.


  • [Gitlab] Fixes a bug where Codecov would only fetch up to 100 GitLab groups, even if the logged in user was in more than 100 groups.
  • Fixes a bug that would cause the organization refresh task to run indefinitely when the user is on their team page (e.g.,


  • Adds blog link to app header and footer.
  • (Production only) Updates to Content Security Policy