Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.7


Note that since 4.4.6 is no longer available to pull, the release notes for 4.4.6 are presented here, along with 4.4.7's additional fixes.


  • Added the user's currently stored yaml configuration for a repository in that repository's settings tab. This allows users with the appropriate privileges to see their current codecov.yml as stored by codecov. Application wide defaults are also shown if they're not being overridden by the repository's codecov.yml
  • (Enterprise only) Added Team Based GitHub Whitelisting (see: docs)


  • (Unique to 4.4.7) Fixed a 4.4.6 database migration bug that can lead to reports uploading properly but not being properly stored to the database by codecov.
  • Fixed GitLab subgroup support during report uploading by allowing for the support of the / in the group and subgroup naming
  • (Production only) Fixed issue that arose from GitHub Marketplace Billing changes
  • (Production only)Fixed a broken print button on the Invoiced page
  • (Enterprise only) Removed broken Login and Signup buttons


  • Fixed issue causing complexity data to display improperly aligned on coverage graphs.
  • Replaced GitHub Integration Language with "GitHub Apps" and fixed associated broken endpoints