Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.9


Enterprise: Review the 4.4.8 Changelog First

If you're upgrading from version or older, please review the 4.4.8 changelog before updating.

v4.4.8 contains some fundamental changes to how Codecov enterprise manages archive storage. Failure to upgrade as specified by v4.4.8 may break your install.

v4.4.9 Changelog

This is primarily a bug fix release.


  • Added after_n_builds codecov.yml support to commenting. Like status checks, PR comments will now wait to post until the after_n_builds threshold has been met. To use this functionality, simply add the following to your codecov.yml:
    after_n_builds: <number> #e.g., 5
#in the event that you want status notifications to behave the same
        after_n_builds: <number> #e.g., 5
  • Set up Conditional Envrionment handling for the bash uploader. This is an internal fix that will allow for cleaner interoperation between parts of the code that deal with bash uploader generation for both Production and Enterprise
  • (Enterprise only) Added build / session data to the commits API endpoint. This data is accessible using a GET of the following form: http://<codecov-url>/api/gh/<org>/<repo>/commit/<commit-long-sha>?src=extension. Using this endpoint will reveal the path for each uploaded raw report for that commit in a sessions object in the returned response.


  • Fixed an error in our CSP that was unintentionally blocking images from bitbucket avatars.
  • Fixed an issue where the repo overview chart would not properly refresh.