Release Notes for Codecov v4.5.3

v4.5.3 Changelog


  • Flags now support . and - in their names.
  • Added a new primary key and uniqueness constraint to our commits table, which should make fetching commits from the database faster and more efficient.
  • Added better support for fetching MRs in GitLab when the repository has a large number of open MRs. In previous versions of Codecov, a large number of open MRs could lead to issues fetching the correct MR from the GitLab API.
  • Improved the efficiency of our API usage against GitHub, mitigating an issue where GitHub users would receive 400 errors when viewing open source GitHub repositories on Codecov.
  • (Production) All report uploads using the v4 uploader now upload directly to cloud storage instead of passing through Codecov proxy servers. This allows for the successful upload of much larger coverage reports and greatly mitigates upload issues users were experiencing due to our proxy servers being overburdened with requests.
  • (Enterprise) Added improved support for BitBucket Server versions 6+.
  • (Enterprise) Provided additional logging and metric calculation when interfacing with the GitLab API. This should allow GitLab users better visibility when problems arise due to API errors with GitLab.


  • Fixed an issue where Azure Tokenless Upload would fail for some forked repositories.
  • Fixed a typo causing the X-Frame-Options header to be sent as X-Frame-Option.
  • Fixed a bug where the : separator for GitLab subgroups was improperly handled in some cases, leading to issues fetching from the GitLab API.
  • Fixed an issue where Codecov was not properly setting the state of some GitLab MRs in its UI / backend.
  • Fixed a GitHub API issue where Codecov would sometimes not find the proper base commit for a PR when that PR had a large number of commits. This should allow Codecov to find the proper base as long as the PR contains less than 250 commits.
  • (Enterprise) Fixed a bug where the incorrect repository provider name was displayed in the UI.


  • Forced httponly on all set cookies.
  • Added clearer navigation options to the Account dropdown in the navbar.
  • Added clarity to the payment/subscription flows by better emphasizing the organization for which the subscription is being purchased.
  • Clarified purchasing language in Annual vs Monthly subscription dropdown on the Billing page.
  • Added the ability for users to link to GitHub to request that a repository be enabled when the organization is using the GitHub App Integration.
  • Provided better links to support documentation when errors are encountered in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where flags could overflow parts of the UI if a large number of flags were specified
  • Removed Sort by Impact on the Pulls page.
  • Removed the ability to delete branches via the API.
  • Added a commit_notifications table to lay the groundwork for a future overhaul in our notification logic. Enterprise customers will notice this table in their Codecov Enterprise database, but it will remain empty in v4.5.3, with plans to be fully leveraged in future versions of Codecov.
  • (Production) Added end of life/migration messaging to the Billing page for those users on legacy subscription plans.