Release Notes for Codecov v4.5.6

v4.5.6 Changelog


  • We have released GitHub Checks in a beta capacity for Enterprise users. See GitHub Check Support below for more information.
  • Added parser support for simplecov 0.18+
  • Improved parser efficiency and performance for Golang.
  • Improved accuracy of Golang report processing in some use cases.


  • Removed Team YAML validation for enterprise users. Currently yaml validation uses a standalone API on production that has not yet been ported to enterprise. We encourage users making changes to their team yaml to validate manually against our endpoint for the time being.
  • Changed the default timeout value of web to match that of the worker to better handle GitHub Checks.
  • (Enterprise only) The default repository project view on Codecov will now properly show the bash uploader url in the on screen upload instructions. Previously enterprise installs would display instead of https://<enterprise-install-url>/bash leading to user confusion.
  • Fixes an issue where installs leveraging IAM role based auth in S3 would occasionally have uploads timeout due to key expiry.
  • Fixed an issue where non logged in users could not download or see the coverage reports of open source repositories.
  • (Enterprise) Added a conditional wait for postgres setup on startup, mitigating an issue where users would see Codecov Enterprise crash on initial startup, but subsequently work on a restart.
  • Fixed an issue where the Codecov Comment would direct to the wrong pull request due to an erroneous ? in the url.


  • Removed Deprecated Github webhook events (see this notice)
  • Added additional logging to the upload handler to better indicate when uploads are handed off to the worker for processing.
  • (Production only) Added language to better indicate what constitutes a user for our PR author based billing plans.
  • Changed banner text for Add Private Scope functionality to more clearly indicate need to add private scope.
  • Improved worker logging to provide more clarity around notification use.
  • General efficiency improvements to the worker to better handle use cases that leverage many GitHub Checks.

Beta GitHub Check Support


A GitHub Pull Request, showing code annotations from Codecov directly in the diff.

Beta GitHub Check support has been added to Codecov Enterprise! Checks enable users to see inline code annotations for contributed code on a PR that was not covered by tests, making it much easier for developers to see uncovered code contributions without leaving the GitHub PR. These annotations can also be seen in the new codecov/patch Check. Additionally, coverage information found in the Codecov Comment is now viewable in the codecov/project Check.

Readers are encouraged to review the docs on GitHub Checks to see what specific features and enhancements are available. Additionally, more information about GitHub Checks can be found on our blog.

Enabling GitHub Checks for Codecov Enterprise

Since Checks is a beta feature, it has to be manually enabled in Codecov Enterprise v4.5.6. If you desire to test this feature, you will need to create a GitHub App Integration and ensure that the integration has Read & Write access to Checks, and subscribes to the Check Run and Check Suite events.

Finally, you will want to set the following environment variable on web and worker:


Setting this value to 100 will ensure that every PR has GitHub Checks enabled.