Release Notes for Codecov v4.5.8

This release primarily provides bug fixes and quality of life improvements for on premises users.



  • (On Premises) Logging has been improved on the worker. The task_id associated with processing a report now appears in more log events, providing more information and context to the user when searching logs by task_id.


  • (On Premises) Fixed a bug that prevented repos from properly syncing when the first report was uploaded to Codecov for the repo.
  • (On Premises) Removed a log line in the worker that, in some cases, could print the repository upload token.
  • Removed an erroneous + sign that could appear in status checks in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Codecov would sometimes attempt to pick a parent commit that did not exist in the tree on the repository provider, thus improving Codecov's parent picking logic in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue in the codecov.yml parser that would reject comment: "files:<number>" as an invalid formatting string.


  • (On Premises) Codecov now pushes a latest-stable tag for the codecov/enterprise-web and codecov/enterprise-worker images. This tag will always point to the latest release of Codecov Enterprise (e.g., v4.5.8, v4.5.9, etc). It isn't recommended to use this tag in production, but it is helpful in pre-production environments or on first time setups of Codecov Enterprise to ensure the latest version is being used. In production environments it is still recommended to specify an explicit version tag.
  • Implemented retry logic that better handles failures and timeouts when dealing with upstream repository provider APIs.