Release notes for Codecov v4.6.2

New Features

Rust-based Processing is Now Default

Codecov v4.6.1 introduced Rust based processing for the worker's more time and processing intensive tasks. This feature was introduced conditionally in v4.6.1 and had to be explicitly enabled by the user. Given the benefits of this change, and its extended successful use in Codecov Cloud, we have now enabled this feature by default.

Disabling this feature can still be handled via environment variable by setting:


in the worker.

After updating to v4.6.2, if issues with notification are encountered -- such as statuses not appearing on Pull Requests -- it is recommended to set RUST_ENABLE_RATE=0.0, restart, and see if the error is resolved.

v4.6.2 Full Changelog


  • Updated the Salesforce/APEX processor to properly ingest only the test-result-codecoverage.json file, thus supporting the most recent updates to APEX coverage reporting.


  • Fixed an issue where deleting files in storage would sometimes cause the Codecov application to throw an exception, leading to downstream problems with file deletion.
  • Fixed an issue where file paths in the codecov.yaml were occasionally incorrectly fetched when automatic flags were used.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in statuses not properly POSTing to Pull Requests when using BitBucket.
  • (Cloud only) Fixed an issue where some GitHub Marketplace plans would not sync properly, causing some accounts to enter an incorrect state.
  • (Cloud only) Fixed an issue that caused GitHub Marketplace plans to appear as Legacy billing plans in the UI.
  • (Cloud only) Fixed a bug where the auto-activate feature for plans would be set to true when the plan itself was changed.
  • (Self-hosted only) Fixed an issue where IAM Auth would not work in codecov/enterprise-api for some configurations.
  • (Self-hosted only) Fixed an issue where the uploader would display the wrong URL after successfully uploading a report.


  • GitHub Check pages will now provide a direct URL to the Pull Request on Codecov.
  • Errors encountered during upload are now stored in a table in the database. This addition was made to allow future improvements to error reporting in Codecov's UI.
  • Removed some excessive log output from Rust processor to prevent unneeded logging noise.


Uploader Version


Docker Image Information

The following Docker digests comprise the v4.6.2 release:

  • codecov/enterprise-web:v4.6.2 - sha256:4dae80a7351fd2e9c7427f0724093faedb5d00f54427d2468a699adb516e9e30
  • codecov/enterprise-worker:v4.6.2 -sha256: d80415509a80ea391e70c4778679bf937de311e0115b7d717ffe13192dbecb54
  • codecov/enterprise-api:v4.6.2 - sha256:d1a06d7a5efc0de973d5bc609ba561827dda50c1dda5462a3badafb1e4858950 (see note below)

These are also the digests referenced by the latest-stable tag.

Note: due to a user impacting bug in enterprise-api and enterprise-web, a point release was issued pushed over the existing v4.6.2 tag. The new digest is indicated above, the previous digests are as follows:

  • codecov/enterprise-web:v4.6.2 - sha256: 029acbe4d4703e910ebe69d6b3248229d8d75fe9622a768eb112b46997ad9a94

  • codecov/enterprise-api:v4.6.2 - sha256:859a871b5def6c012e2ab43a47c3b1d50b0023522b3502a0380335da7cd96350