Release notes for Codecov v4.6.4

New Features

BullseyeCoverage Support

Codecov now supports coverage reports generated as a result of using BullseyeCoverage with C++. This support is identical to all other supported coverage report formats, and the Codecov Uploader will automatically detect BullseyeCoverage-generated reports that are generated as a result of running BullseyeCoverage tests in your CI.

Please note that Codecov centrally supports the "Function Coverage" from BullseyeCoverage, and not the "Condition/Decision Coverage" that BullseyeCoverage additionally offers (additional detail on these definitions from BullseyeCoverage).

v4.6.4 Full Changelog


  • Adds support for C++ BullseyeCoverage reports.


  • (On-Premises) Fixed an issue that could result in new users being unable to login.
  • (On-Premises) Fixed an issue that can cause errors when upgrading from 4.5.x to 4.6.x
  • Fixed an issue where logging in via GitHub could fail depending on upstream status of the GitHub Students API.

Docker Image Information

The following Docker digests comprise this release:

  • codecov/enterprise-web:v4.6.4 - sha256:
  • codecov/enterprise-worker:v4.6.4 - sha256: 0d41e33e153f3b132d8da9d023f891464744744c2883931b2b42cdaa1b07cf07
  • codecov/enterprise-api:v4.6.4 - sha256:
    These are also the digests referenced by the latest-stable tag.

Note: due to a user impacting bug in enterprise-api and enterprise-web, a point release was issued pushed over the existing v4.6.4 tag. The new digest is indicated above, the previous digests are as follows:

  • codecov/enterprise-api:v4.6.4 - sha256:
  • codecov/enterprise-web:v4.6.4 - sha256: cde77abb7dfa804db9e9c70a110d9543d598954e93db4cba4bceaa2f3e1af024
  • codecov/enterprise-web:v4.6.4 - sha256: