Release notes for Codecov v4.6.5

v4.6.5 Full Changelog


  • Added support for woodpeckerCI in the Codecov Uploader and API.
  • (On-Premises only) the uploads.accepted and uploads.rejected metrics are now properly sent from the API service to statsd.


  • (On-Premises only) Fixes an issue that caused some /graphs related endpoints to fail due to an incorrect proxy to the api.
  • (On-Premises only) Fixes an issue where login via BitBucket would fail to complete, leading to errors during the login flow.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Flags section of a PR comment to be malformed on PRs where a new HEAD commit was pushed.
  • Fixed an issue where team bots used for BitBucket would not be updated properly when the team yaml was changed.
  • Fixed an issue for GitLab users that would sometimes cause requests to 404 if the url contained a GitLab username that included periods. (e.g,
  • Fixes an issue where report upload could sometimes fail due to a stringified boolean not being properly coerced to its boolean value.


  • Added log output to better capture failure scenarios related to issues fetching files from upstream repository providers.

  • Removed the ability for the worker to retry processing of an uploaded report when that report is clearly in an unrecoverable state. This prevents scenarios where the worker will waste resources attempting to recover in unrecoverable scenarios, and will instead fail immediately.

  • Changed the behavior for how the 150 upload limit per commit is calculated, such that uploads after the 150th are more reliably rejected with the proper warning.

  • (On-premises only) Change the maximum number of uploads (sessions)

  • (On-premises only) Change the TTL for presigned puts for upload

#in the install yaml

  max_sessions: 150 #default
    ttl: 10 # default

If you are instead using envars, you can use:


Docker Image Information

The following Docker digests comprise this release:

  • codecov/enterprise-web:v4.6.5 - sha256:d0d438f1d508353f10a87d92eef52b42556c3e0a33dcc92a58065e4de7991c48
  • codecov/enterprise-worker:v4.6.5 - sha256:daa62227b1cf02064cd8cb28dc30e2c768060b59b3a5463b7b5e6dce6be62fea
  • codecov/enterprise-api:v4.6.5 - sha256:7e7288589e1b13c8dc0f421f1fc134554a306ff78d3fdf0edf729968a86cd9a9
    These are also the digests referenced by the latest-stable tag.

Note: due to a user impacting bug(s) in enterprise-api and enterprise-web a point release was issued pushed over the existing v4.6.5 tag. The new digest is indicated above, the previous digests are as follows:

  • codecov/enterprise-api:v4.6.5 - sha256:7f247525d3ddc6060478e8418f0d0ab06523836187ac39c21e2fdac2754aea82
  • codecov/enterprise-web:v4.6.5 - sha256:46d74ee0790b1a038b0bf6d01aaf890aac7cab5419fe91bb3a791d448013600a