Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.9


Enterprise: Review the 4.4.8 Changelog First

If you're upgrading from version or older, please review the 4.4.8 changelog before updating.

v4.4.8 contains some fundamental changes to how Codecov enterprise manages archive storage. Failure to upgrade as specified by v4.4.8 may break your install.

Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.8


This version introduces potentially breaking changes for on-premises / self-deployed users

If you're upgrading from an earlier version of Codecov Enterprise, be sure to read the section on 4.4.8 Codecov Enteprise-specific changes. You will very likely need to update your configuration.

Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.7


Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.6

Note: Due to a production bug that impacts a small number of users, this version of Codecov Enterprise is no longer available to pull. We recommend pulling 4.4.7 or later instead.

Release Notes for Codecov v4.4.5


Release notes for Codecov v4.4.4


Release notes for Codecov v4.4.3

Codecov Enterprise v4.4.3

Release of v4.3.7

Extra Credit:

Week 11, 2017

Changes from of Mar 13th, 2017 to Mar 19th, 2017 (952de76...)

Week 9, 2017

Changes from of Mar 7th, 2017 to Mar 13th, 2017 (c1f9fcd...952de76)