Browser Extension (Sourcegraph)

Overlay reports directly in GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket through the Sourcegraph extension

Through our partnership with Sourcegraph, a free and open source tool, Codecov users can overlay code coverage directly in their code host of choice. Utilization of the Sourcegraph extension to overlay coverage in GitHub requires membership of a Sourcegraph account.

{NOTE Sourcegraph + Codecov for GitLab and Bitbucket users is under development. Thanks for your patience!}

Installation steps


Sourcegraph + Codecov installation here (GitHub)

Additional steps for on-premises Codecov customers

You can use Sourcegraph to support code coverage overlays from Codecov Enterprise directly in GitHub Enterprise:

  1. Follow the Codecov extension usage instructions above to install Sourcegraph for Chrome/Firefox
  2. From the command palette (added by the Sourcegraph browser extension, see screenshot below) on GitHub Enterprise click, "Codecov: Setup up Codecov Enterprise"
  1. From the pop up that appears, set your Version control type to: ghe
  2. From the next pop up that appears, set your Codecov endpoint, this is just the root level of your Codecov Enterprise domain, e.g.,
  3. Go to the command palette on GitHub and choose "Codecov: Set API token for private repositories"
  4. Enter your Codecov Enterprise API token. You can get a token by navigating to your account page on Codecov Enterprise and selecting "Access" from the menu on the left, and then clicking the green "Create" button from the page that appears.
  1. Visit any file in your GitHub Enterprise install with coverage data uploaded to Codecov Enterprise to see coverage data.

Additional steps for enterprise Sourcegraph + on-premises Codecov customers

{NOTE Sourcegraph + Codecov for on-premises Codecov users is under development. Thanks for your patience!}


What type of browsers does Sourcegraph support?

As of October 2018, Sourcegraph supports Chrome and Firefox.

Will Sourcegraph read my repositories?

Your code is never sent to Sourcegraph. The Codecov extension runs on the client side in a Web Worker and communicates with Codecov directly to retrieve code coverage data. The Codecov API token is saved in your Chrome/Firefox profile and is not sent to Sourcegraph.

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