Frequently Asked Questions - Self-Hosted

What is Codecov Self-Hosted?

Codecov Self-Hosted is the on-premise, privately hosted version of It integrates with many git service providers, such as Github, Github Enterprise, Gitlab, Gitlab Enterprise and Bitbucket. All the great features and metrics found on are available in Codecov Self-Hosted.

How is Codecov Self-Hosted different from

Codecov Self-Hosted is for running Codecov in a private environment behind your firewall, or in your local network. Use Codecov Self-Hosted when you need complete control over repository, project information, and coverage reports.

How much does Codecov Self-Hosted cost?

It's free! You're welcome to run self hosted in your own infrastructure by cloning the repository at and following our setup instructions.

How many seats do I need, and who needs seats?

As Codecov Self-Hosted is a fork of our former Enterprise product, it still contains functionality for seat management that is based on a given license. A default license for 50 seats is installed by default in Codecov Self-Hosted, but if you require more, you can follow the guide for generating and using a new license in the self-hosted repository's readme.

How does Codecov Self-Hosted interact with my company's source code?

Codecov never stores source code, and never clones repositories.

Codecov uses service API's to retrieve source code and interact with the repository.

Codecov uses the active user OAuth-token to query the service API, which guarantees the user has, at least, read-only access to the resource.



Reselling Codecov services is prohibited without express permission of Codecov. If you are a reseller, please reach out to [email protected]