Coverage Configuration

Help with colors, rounding and precision

The default configuration for all repositories on Codecov is shown below. You can customize these values to fit your project's usage case.

  range: 70..100
  round: down
  precision: 2


This value is used to customize the visible color range in Codecov. The first number represents the red, and the second represents green. You can change the range of colors by adjusting this configuration.

For example, 50...75 would result in any coverage less than 50% having a red background. The color would gradually change to green when approaching the 75% mark. Any coverage over 75% would result in a solid green color.


Codecov will round coverage down to the precision point by default.

45.15313% would become 45.15%.
62.918777% would become 62.91%.

You may choose to round up, down, or nearest.


You may choose to show more precision when viewing coverage reports on Codecov. Please select a number between 0 and 5 as the number of decimal places visible in the UI and all notifications.