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Supported Coverage Report Formats

Codecov centrally ingests .xml .json and .txt type coverage report formats.

If your language / test suite does not generate one of these format coverage reports, you may need to add a conversion step to your build process.

Generally Supported Code Coverage Formats

Supported code coverage report format types include all test coverage reports we've seen in the wild so far, including:

  • Most of .xml format types (Cobertura XML, Jacoco XML, etc.)
  • Most of .json format types (Erlang JSON, Elm JSON, etc.)
  • Most of .txt format types (Lcov TXT, Gcov TXT, Golang Txt)

See the exhaustive list below

Non-Supported Code Coverage Formats

Non-supported code coverage report format types include:

.xccov (Xcode)
.coverage (Python)

Exhaustive acceptable report formats

Codecov processes reports server side and accepts report formats we have come across over the years. Below is a list of acceptable coverage report formats.

xml_processors = [
SCoverageProcessor() # [scala] via scoverage
JetBrainsXMLProcessor(), # [jetbrainsxml] JetBrains DetailedXML
CloverProcessor(), # [php] via clover
MonoProcessor(), # [c# mono]
JacocoProcessor(), # [java] via jacoco
VbProcessor(), # [c++] [c#]
VbTwoProcessor(), # [c++] [c#]
CoberturaProcessor() # [python] via cobertura

txt_processors = [
LcovProcessor(), # [lcov] - Graphical version of Gcov
GcovProcessor(), # [gcov]
LuaProcessor(), # [lua]
DLSTProcessor(), # [dlst]
XCodeProcessor() # [xcode] - Native iOS development

json_processors = [
RlangProcessor(), # [r lang]
RspecProcessor(), # [rspec]

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Supported Coverage Report Formats

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