Merging Reports

No setup required. Automatic report merging for all CI and languages into a single report.

A common practice in the modern developer's workflow is to test multiple build systems, split up tests in different containers, and group tests based on test focus (unittests vs integration tests). Codecov supports all these setups. Therefore, no setup is required.

Multiple Languages

Codecov supports multiple languages in the same repository. You may upload reports for one or more languages, and Codecov will merge the reports automatically while maintaining the original upload context.

Codecov does not override report data for multiple uploads. We always merge the data. Simply upload all three reports at once, or separately.

  # run my python tests
  - coverage run
  # Your Codecov Uploader approach here
	# See more at
  # upload my python reports
	./codecov  -cF python
  # run my javascript tests
  - npm test
  # upload my javascript reports
  ./codecov -cF javascript

Delayed Notifications

Codecov will delay notifications such as Slack and Pull Request Comments until all reports are uploaded and merged. This prevents posting invalid coverage metrics when the first report is uploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I not receive a notification yet?

  • If the CI status is "pending", please wait until the CI is complete.
  • If the CI status is "error" or "failed", no notifications will be submitted.
  • If CI is successful:
    • is your CI provider in the list of [[Supported CI Providers]].
    • review [[Commit Build Logs]].
    • check if the reports failed to upload to Codecov.
    • make sure your yaml is valid.

Why did I receive a notification too soon?

If you believe you are receiving a notification too soon, it may be in error. One way to prevent premature notifications, is preventing a notification until N builds, YAML configuration for here.

How do I remove checking a CI status?

You can toggle on and off Require CI to Pass setting in the YAML. More details here

What’s Next

You can group reports by applying a Flag, which comes with amazing UI additions and custom commit statuses. Learn more: