Frequently Asked Questions


Having trouble logging in / 404 error on Codecov app?

This may be caused from an erroneous cookie + cache from previous session. Please try to clear your cookies and/or attempt to oauth (login) in an incognito browser.

Note: We are refactoring our front end to help address this issue.

Where is the repository upload token found?

The unique repository upload token is found on the settings page of your project. You need write access to view this token.


The upload token is required for all uploads, except originating from public projects using Travis-CI, Circle CI, Azure, Github Actions.

How do I add new users to my repository?

For public repositories: Codecov uses GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab API's to authorize users. No setup is necessary.

For private repositories: Users will need a seat license to access. A "user" is anyone who authors a pull request or merge request on a private repo with Codecov coverage, or accesses advanced features on for a private repo.

These private repository users can be managed at:


Exception: if you are using our service through Github Marketplace, in which case you can add more users on your Github Marketplace page.

How do I change the user that posts pull request comments?

Please see Team Bot .

Why are my commit messages and user avatars missing?

Please see Team Bot.

What's the difference between "codecov/project" and "codecov/patch"?

Please see Commits Status.

Does Codecov merge reports for multiple containers and/or CI providers?

Yes. See Merging Reports.

Can we group reports based on the type of tests?

Yes. See Flags.

Is there an on-premise version of Codecov?

Yes. See Enterprise docs.

Can I fail the CI build if coverage drops?

No. We use Commit Statuses too, and do not fail builds.

How does Codecov run the tests?

It does not run CI. Learn more.

Where are my other branches?

Codecov only shows branches and commits when content is uploaded to these resources. We are planning to show all resources and become more synchronous with your repository.

All pull requests sync up: merged, open, and closed. Our first step in to sync all references.

How does Codecov interact with my source code?

Please read

How is coverage calculated?

Each language may calculate coverage differently, but for the sake of consistency Codecov will calculate coverage percentage as:

round((hits / (hits + partials + misses)) * 100, 5) = Coverage Ratio

Note: Partials are considered a full miss, regardless of the number of branches hit or missed.

Where are all my commits/branches/pulls?

Codecov only shows commits that have uploaded coverage reports. Therefore, when you link a new project Codecov will be empty, with no content.

  • Branches will show up when a commit is uploaded on that branch.
  • Pull requests are synced, regardless of having a coverage report uploaded. The sync will occur upon the first pull request webhook sent from GitHub to Codecov.

Where are my older commits? (My project dashboard doesn't show any commit data in the line graph)

Codecov only shows commits that have uploaded coverage reports and are six months or less old.

If a repository has no commits younger than six months, the project's coverage line graph on codecov can appear empty.

[Github Users] Can we use a Github App instead an Oauth App to connect to Github?

Github apps allow more granular admin access for Codecov around specific repos only and specific Github organizations, among other features. Read more here.

As of 2019, we support use of Github Apps through the Codecov Github Marketplace listing

[Github Users] Why am I getting two Codecov comments on my PR's?

This is likely a team bot issue, which you can read here

Is there a discount for education organizations?

Yes! We offer full discounts for students via our Github Student Pack, even as part of a private organization!

For universities, boot camp, or other educational organizations, please send an email to edu[email protected] for access.


Can't find what you are looking for on this page or anywhere in docs?

Check out our Codecov Community forum! It has mix of users, contributors and employees answering questions and providing additional insights.

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