Manual GitHub App Creation


Enable webhooks

Webhooks need to be enabled for the GitHub App to work. This is the method the app uses to connect and communicate with Codecov.

To create a GitHub App Integration for Codecov, first navigate to your organization in the GitHub UI.


You can use the drop down in the left sidebar of the Settings page in GitHub to access your organization.

Then from the Sidebar Click Developer Settings > GitHub Apps:

Choose "New GitHub App" and fill out the information as follows:


Create the App for your Organization

When creating the GitHub app, ensure that you're creating it for your organization, not your personal account. The URL on the app creation page should read:

And fill out the relevant fields for app creation:

It's important to set the proper callback URL. They should point to your Codecov Dedicated Cloud install as follows:

  • <your-codecov-url>/login/github_enterprise for GitHub Enterprise (on premises)
  • <your-codecov-url>/login/github for GitHub (and GitHub Enterprise cloud)

For the webhook URL:

  • <your-codecov-url>/webhooks/github_enterprise for GitHub Enterprise (on premises)
  • <your-codecov-url>/webhooks/github for GitHub (and GitHub Enterprise cloud)

Add a webhook secret (not optional) and include in the information packet to securely send to Codecov.


The following screenshots show all of the permissions needed by the app integration, as well as the relevant events. For visibility, permissions with a greater setting than "No Access" have been emphasized in green.

Repository Permissions


Required repository permissions.

Organization Permissions


Required organization permissions

User Permissions

Email address read is required. All others can be set to "No Access"



Required user permissions.



If you're not using GitHub Enterprise, make sure that you only publish this app for your organization unless you plan to install on multiple organizations.

After ensuring all fields are filled appropriately, click "Create GitHub App"

After app creation, follow the remaining instructions in

GitHub App Integration for Dedicated Cloud