Deprecating (Bash) Uploader Migration Guide

As a result of the uploader deprecation plan, users will need to migrate to our new Codecov Uploader. This page serves as a guide to help users with that process.

The new uploader is still undergoing active development to be in parity with the old bash uploader. As such, some features have not yet been brought over.

Bitrise Step

Upgrade to version 3.0+ and provide an OS name as an argument.

Bash Uploader

Replace all calls to the bash uploader

CircleCI Orb

Upgrade to version 3.0+

GitHub Action

Upgrade to version 2.0+

Python Uploader

  1. Remove codecov from any dependency file (e.g. requirements.txt)
  2. Replace any calls to Codecov with the new Codecov Uploader
  3. If you are using coveragepy to collect code coverage, you will need to add
coverage xml

before calling the new uploader.

Ruby Uploader

  1. Remove the codecov gem from any dependency file (e.g. Gemfile)
  2. If you are using simplecov to collect code coverage, you will need to update your helper files from
require 'codecov'
SimpleCov.formatter = SimpleCov::Formatter::Codecov


require 'simplecov-cobertura'
SimpleCov.formatter = SimpleCov::Formatter::CoberturaFormatter

(See our Ruby standard)
3. Add a call to our new Codecov Uploader in your CI pipeline.