Impact Analysis

Get meaningful information from your application's runtime directly in your Pull/Merge Request workflow

About the Product

Impact Analysis uses information obtained during your application's runtime to provide contextual information to Pull Requests. Impact Analysis currently supports:

Critical Changes
1a. Labelling Pull Requests as Critical, such that important PRs in a list of currently open pull requests is emphasized.
1b. Labelling changed files as Critical in the Codecov PR Comment, such that important changes are the file level are obvious to the PR author and reviewer(s).

Impacted Entrypoints

  1. Adding an Impacted Entrypoints table to the Codecov PR Comment, such that changes in a pull request are mapped directly to the most user facing aspect of the application

Impact Analysis was formerly marketed as Runtime Insights


Impact Analysis is available in Open Beta

Impact Analysis is currently in Open Beta (full announcement here). It is a free add-on to Codecov during Open Beta, which is expected to run through September 1st, 2022.

The Codecov Pull Request comment showing Critical Files and Related Entrypoints.The Codecov Pull Request comment showing Critical Files and Related Entrypoints.

The Codecov Pull Request comment showing Critical Files and Related Entrypoints.

What Languages are Supported?

Currently, not every language is able to benefit from Impact Analysis. The current languages and/or frameworks are supported:

  • PHP (7.4 or higher) applications using the Laravel Framework.
  • Python (3.6 or higher)
  • Ruby (v3.1 or higher)
  • NodeJS (15.1 or higher)

How Do I use Impact Analysis?

In order to function, Impact Analysis requires the following:

  1. A profiling token used to identify your repository and authenticate API requests. You can find your token in your repo settings page:[gh/gl/bb]/[org_name]/[repo_name]/settings

  1. A repository using one of our supported languages that is currently running in a production context.

  2. Varying dependencies that are determined by the language and/or framework being used.

Specific installation instructions will be provided for your language of choice upon acceptance into the Early Access program.

codecov.yml Configuration

To see Impacted Entrypoints in your pull request comments, "betaprofiling" must be added to the comment.layout section of your codecov.yml, as follows:

  layout: "reach,diff,flags,tree,betaprofiling"

If you wish to add "Critical" markers to impacted files, you must update your codecov.yml as follows:

  show_critical_paths: true

These settings are also supported at the Team YAML level.

Impact Analysis FAQ

What is a Critical Change?

A Critical Change is any code change in a Pull Request that impacts code that is frequently executed in a production/runtime context. More specifically, if a line of code executed more than <> the average of all executed lines is edited, it is considered a Critical Change.

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